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The ClimaCoin has been traded on Stex cryptocurrency exchange since December 1, 21.


Exchange Bitcoins for ClimaCoins

Exchange Etherum for ClimaCoins


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Technical data

  • Wallets linked to blockchain: 724 wallet user

  • No of nodes: 12

  • Transactions approved by today: 507023


Some ClimaCoin data

  • Total volume generated:

  • Blocked security stock: 500.000.000

  • Trading stock: 500.000.000

Web Wallet

Your web wallet for storage, receipt or transfer of ClimaCoins – easy and immediate installation and free of charge.

You have browser access to your web wallet from any device you are using – smartphones, tablets, notebooks or desktop.

installation web wallet

Windows Wallet

You may install your ClimaCoin wallet on your windows computer.

Easy istallation in a few steps

  1. Click DOWNLOAD
  2. Depack ZIP file
  3. Click on climacoin-qt.exe
  4. Wallet installation starts automatically.
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