Some facts about ClimaCoin

The Climacoin is a new cryptocurrency with a „green approach“and  traded on well established crypto exchanges.

What about the „green approach“?

  • The total volume of all Climacoins has been generated at start. Therefore no mining with significant waste of energy
  • The Climacoin blockchain is operating with Proof-of-stake – again no significant waste of energy
  • Only 100 ClimaCoin with their start value symbolizes the reduction of 1 ton of greenhouse gases !!
  • On the contrary to other existing cryptocurrencies ClimaCoins provide a solid protection of invested money by underlying the value as defined with carbon credits.

Take your change and benefit from the new green markets. And what is most important: – not only the investors will benefit but also our planet !!

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Underlying ClimaCoins by carbon credits

Carbon credits are official emission papers. They are dispensed by national authorities like e.g. the German Environmental Agency. Companies applying for emission credits has to be registered before filing an application. The number of credits depends on the emissions during normal operating systems and processes.

In case of higher emissions of greenhouse gases than allowed the surplus emission has to be payed for or alternatively carbon credits have to be purchased for compensation on the emission trade markets.

Most existing cryptocurrencies do not have any real  concrete equivalent value. In case of ClimaCoin investments are underlaid with real existing carbon credits, e.g. dispensed by our partner SEKEM.

Looking at the political trends worldwide the carbon credits prices are forecasted to climb significantly within the very near future. An excellent option for every forward-looking investor.

Currently the price for one carbon credit is set at 25€. The prices will climb continously up to 55€ until 2025. From 2026 onwards the credit price will determined by public auctions. A price range is planned to be 55 – 65€ per credit.

Please have a look at the YouTube video published by the Potsdam Institute  and Urban Complexity Lab investigating the consequences of climachange.

A brief history of CO2 emissions

About crypto currencies

A so-called cryprocurrency is a digital currency not issued by a central banking authority but by a private mathematical algorhythm.

The first digital cryptocurrency created was the Bitcoin; meanwhile well-known and accepted as digital key currency.

The basic prerequiste for generating digital currencies has been the outstading idea and development of the blockchain technology by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Creation of arithmetical units by a mathematical algorithm allow direct transfer between computer and between partners (called peer-to-peer).

All transactions are published chronologically in blocks and have to be approved before setting. No double transactions are possible. A transaction will be only completed after approval of correctness.

Transactions once completed are irreversible. This netstructure is called blockchain because all transactions are lined up in blocks forming a chain.

All payment transactions are tamper-proof and transparent for all user participating.

ClimaCoin – what is it good for?? Do I do something good??

Everybody should do his part – and YOU will directly contribute to climate protection.

By the purchase of carbon credits you will support first reduction of greenhouse gases and secondly our partners wordwide who have a strong commitment to sustainable production prcesses and organic products and, in addition, strengthen the local economy.

The more people joining the ClimaCoin community the better for the future of climate protection and our planet.

Please pay special attention to our partner SEKEM and its sucessful and spectacular project „Greening the desert“!!

You will make a contribution for future generations and will leave a positive footprint?? Fine, so do we…

Together with our partners we will help that you can do your part. We are aiming that all things we do today we leave a positive mark for our future.

Think about investing longsighted with a profitable prospective.

Cryptocurrencies is a growing market, but still a virgin market in terms of long sighted green prospectives and projects with a sustainable touch.

With your contribution you help the ClimaCoin vision becoming more propagated.

Green investments in the digital world will become more und more visible and accepted.

Energy saving blockchain technology

A lot of existing cryptocurrencies offer a mining option. Mining is an energy consuming process and by this collidating with the ClimaCoin vision. As a consequence all ClimaCoins have been generated at the very beginning.


Consumption and sustainability

Coming soon: Clima4future will integrate a marketplace with selected sustainable products for the ClimaCoin community


Relieve the environment – benefit from the new cryptomarket

The ClimaCoin is a so-called „green“ digital currency, total volume available at start, no enery wasting mining, value underlaid by carbon credits.

Our commitment – we act!!

We affirm: it is our vision to support and promote sustainable producing companies by acquiring their carbon credits.


Invest in ClimaCoin

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